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My nickname is utterly butterly. ‘It only takes a few kind words to make you melt like butter,’ I was told.

When commissioned to cover an event or review a business, I prefer to use a few kind words. It is an art to balance praise, critique and unbiased reporting, particularly when all three show up in one piece! If tough critique is needed, adding a little sweetness makes for diplomatic journalism. We are told we need to watch our sugar intake, but occasionally a little sweetness helps the medicine go down.

I have covered press conferences with world leaders in attendance, interviewed African delegates during tense negotiations at COP 15, and worked with film makers who wowed me with their artistic talent.

It is true that diversity spices up the workplace. Writers never stop learning. Rather than be limited to specific genres, I have a wide area of expertise including environment, travel, business, health & wellness, publishing, coaching, hospitality, and entertainment.

An actor once said to me, ‘If it wasn’t for your scriptwriting, I would have nothing to say.’ Although this made me laugh, I don’t believe this sentiment is entirely true. People have plenty to say—sometimes too much! What I strive to do, is find what matters, then present it in a way that entertains, and ultimately sells.

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The Copenhagen Post

Review of a luxury resort in Bali, Indonesia for The Copenhagen Post    

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In&Out Entertainments Guide, Dinos

Review of the BBC’s arena spectacular, Walking with Dinosaurs, The Forum in Copenhagen, Denmark

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Review of the film, Bridesmaids for The Copenhagen Post

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Original world logo

Travel article on Varanisi, India Original World



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