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SEO copy editing, marketing and social media-the importance of a healthy partner

Business is content driven. Big or small, international or local, much of the communication with your clients is through the written word. For many businesses and government agencies, the process of finding the right fit for a project can be harder than choosing only one dessert at a cruise ship buffet. What is the level of satisfaction of your current marketing or service practices? Are you reaching out to the right segment and capturing their attention?

The starting point of generating sales, measuring satisfaction and problem solving often lies in reviewing the core product and services. Our experience ranges from rebranding an entire business to editing a newsletter for a busy entrepreneur. Communication, persuasive marketing, or social media strategies can be created together with your team, or you can rely on us to produce it. We take pride in our powerful content, and that is why when it comes to brochures, ads, campaign material, or press releaseswe focus on the message. We can collaborate with the art design agency of your choice.

Talk to me about just how quickly your business can grow with strong content.

Independent consultants are hired for many reasons. One incentive might be having the freedom to negotiate rates, an assignment may be a one-off and require specific qualifications, or an employee may be on leave. There is a limitless selection of consultants in the current global marketplace. Make solid decisions from the start and choose partners that are healthy for your portfolio.

PR packages 50% off:

Press Releases * Website Content Review * Social Media * Media Contact List * 12-month PR plan * Newsletter

Click on the images to view samples of my SEO copywriting:

Alk Abello Web ContentSEO copywriting of web content for pharmaceutical company,


Digital Glossy

SEO copywriting for a start-up technology company


Give now section of the Goodman Cancer Centre website:


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